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How To Post an article on the news blogs

Here are a few guidelines on how to post an article

What Is The News Webber Network?

To begin with, before we understand how to post an item, we shall explain what the News Webber Network is. Firstly, and number one, we are a group of websites that together form a news platform hub for all. Obviously, we have the main website which is where we have a collection of news articles, links and website information.

Then we have the massive News Forum. This platform is a collection of message boards where we cover all subject matters too. Posting on the forums is easy, so we well concentrate on the main website.

How To Post An Article On The News Blogs

The News Webber Network indeed allows anyone to post newsworthy articles easily. In fact, you don’t need to join either. However, we recommend becoming a VIP Member as there are benefits are much greater.

So, to post a news article click the ‘Submit A Post’ tab at the top of any page. Then just fill out the post submission form. It couldn’t be simpler. Be that as it may, we have to have a few guidelines to help make the post worthwhile. So, after filling in your name etc, you come to the main body of the form. This is what will become the main news article.


01) Obviously, anything you post is your responsibility in every case.

02) You must also ensure that everything you post is respectful and above all, legal.

03) Of course, we don’t allow copy and paste articles. In other words, don’t just copy a news article you have just read on the internet. This is because we don’t want duplicate posts. In general, we allow an odd sentence or two but no more than this. So, make sure that what you write is as close to the original news article but NOT identical. However, if the news article is on the internet, you may add a link to it.

04) In order to make your post more easily found by the search engines, keep your article unique. You should be aiming to post a news article of 200 words at least, but 300+ is far better. This is the best ways to use blogs

05) If you have an image to accompany your news article, then you can upload up to two of those. Once you are happy with everything, click submit.

What Happens Next?

Obviously, our system does not allow spam to corrupt the website. Therefore, non-members posts may not be visible until a moderator has checked them out. However, once you become a trusted contributor, your posts will become live straight away. Full members, once verified, can have their posts made visible immediately. This is because there is a better degree of trust with members. So, this is another benefit of membership here at the News Webber Network.

News Blog Or News Forum?

Now that you understand how to post newsworthy articles on the blogs, try out our large News Forum. This may appeal to the people who like message boards more. Obviously some subjects have their own targeted individual forums. For instance there is a general news headlines forum and a technology forum etc.

It is far better to use blogs rather than forums for many reasons. But, maybe for the less in-depth news articles, forums are more convenient. You could use both of course, it’s entirely up to the individual. For more control, users may also like to make their own News Blog.

To Sum Up

Obviously as you can see, the News Webber Network is open to everyone to post news articles. Also, on the blog here, follow the guidelines above for a far better impact. Furthermore, for better social interaction with other members, post shorter news articles in the News Forum. Finally, enjoy your stay at the News Webber Network. Indeed, bookmark our Home Page, call back often and submit more news articles regularly.

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