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Indeed, you may submit a post here as long as it is newsworthy

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Here at the News Webber Network, we want you to socially interact as much as possible with others. Therefore you may submit a post here without even becoming a member! Moreover, non-members can comment on the news articles too. So, if you have some newsworthy articles that you wish to share with others, do that here. Of course there are a few requirements that you need to adhere to and we highlight those below.

Posting Guidelines

By and large, any newsworthy article is acceptable here. After all, we are all about news! With this in mind, all local, national or international news items are acceptable. For example, if you see some breaking news, think News Webber and post it here.

However, we can’t accept any copy and paste articles. So, find the news articles and put your own spin on them. Also, in order to make the news article searchable, please ensure that you write at least a 200 word description. You may indeed post an image with your article if you so wish. That might sound a lot but it isn’t, try it and see!

Obviously, if you submit a post, it must be lawful. In other words, please ensure that it does not cause alarm or distress in any way to other individuals. In effect, nobody can remain anonymous on the internet, so remember this before you post articles. Our Privacy Policy ensures that we look after our members, but we can’t ignore the law enforcement agencies.

Left-Wing Media

It is obvious that the media has indeed got a massive infestation of left-wing fascists. Moreover, they do not give a balanced view of real life. You see this in action when one reporter speaks to another reporter. They know that when they speak to each other, they have the same left-wing agenda.

So, to give a balanced view and to off-set this left-wing bias, we allow people to correct matters. Of course, this is not to say that News Webber Network is promoting any political stance. On the contrary, we only wish to allow for balance adjustments. Indeed, adjustments to right-wing news articles are also acceptable, if you find any that is!

Now, Submit A Post

As we can see, the News Webber Network allows people to post news articles while giving their own opinions. To put it another way, you may promote any news article and open it up for debate. Also, for those wishing to start their own news blog and have more control, check out this page.

News Forum

News Webber also has a massive News Forum so you can interact with others even more. Our very own social media message boards cover all subject matters from politics to sport. But we have some off-topic forums too.

So, pops over to our News Headlines Forum today and have your say!

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