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Indeed, this is the membership information page at News Webber

Membership Or Not?

To begin with, there is no need to join if you only want to submit a news article. However, non-members’ posts do not go ‘live’ immediately. Those non-member posts are subject to moderation which may take a little time of course. Visitors to the News Webber Network can also comment on posts too. But, what are the benefits of membership at the News Webber Network? Indeed, let us explore the various options available:


Firstly, we want people to become involved at the News Webber Network and not feel left out. Therefore literally anyone can post news articles. Indeed, non-members can post news articles just like members can. However, there are certain limitations but it is still achievable. Obviously there may be many reasons why people don’t want to join, so we respect this situation. Non-members, may also comment on most articles. But most non-members comments are subject to moderation too. However, once we have trust in you, your posts and comments may also go live immediately.

Basic Memberships

Since non-members can now post and comment, we made a decision to suspend the basic membership. However, we may review this in the future.

VIP Memberships

Some people like to have far more flexibility when it comes to posting articles on the World Wide Web. With this in mind, we have the VIP Membership option. Therefore, with this option, the main benefit is that subscribers can create their very own news blog and or forum. For more information about VIP Memberships, by all means check out this page.

Forum Memberships

Our News Forum is a public platform for all but membership is a requirement in all cases. This is because the News Forum is a separate platform. We provide the News Headlines Forum because many people prefer a quick and easy method of posting news articles. Obviously, there are many categories from general news to local news and technology news to health news. Indeed, we do not discriminate so we have included an off-topic forum for non-news chat.

To Sum Up

Finally, we think that we have the perfect platform for news bloggers. Indeed, we cover the lot. Not only that, but we have many options for people in which to publicise news articles, whatever they are. Obviously, we encourage people to join in with us and have many optional levels with which to do this.

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Obviously, we operate on a global scale


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