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You do not have to leave the News Webber Network to surf the web. So, doing a complete internet search just got that little bit easier. Obviously, your searches and results are only available to you and open up on this page.

How To Do An Internet Search

Obviously you may search the internet here as you would do in any search engine. Indeed, just enter your key search words into the box above and press enter. Within a split second your search results should show up on this page. Furthermore, you may perform as many searches as you like without penalty. In fact, why not bookmark our search engine page and call back as often as you can to use it!

Power Is By Google

We obviously have permission from google to use their search engine. Furthermore, the results you get here should be similar to your usual google search engine method. Since we provide this service for your convenience, why leave our website? In fact, why not search the internet here for news headlines and post them here at the same time!

To Sum Up

The News Webber Network encourages those who have an interest in the news to stay with us. So, as an incentive, we allow users to surf the web from our website. Indeed, we try our best to keep our visitors happy.

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