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There is a lot of news concerning the entertainment industry all the time. However, sometimes getting Showbiz News is slow due to certain websites packing in too much information. But, here at News Webber, we supply the headlines in bullet point form. This makes our website much quicker and you only need read the full article if the headline suits. So, bookmark us because all our news headlines are like this!

Showbiz News Headlines

Obviously, you want Showbiz News as and when it happens. With this in mind, we update all our news headlines regularly. In fact, if there is a breaking piece of Showbiz News, we will have it up much quicker than others. This is because we link with some of the best media outlets.

Not only do we show one Showbiz News Headline, but we have many. Therefore, just click the media source you like or visit them all. In fact, if there are news stories from the world of entertainment breaking now, we should have the headlines. We cover anything from TV and films to celebrity gossip. So, now you are only one click away from the quickest Showbiz News to hit the internet.

Why Not Post Your Own Showbiz News?

Of course, our news headlines come and go as the breaking news fades away. However, if you want to write your own piece of Showbiz News gossip, you can do so here. Obviously, you may comment on anything you see at News Webber. But, why stop there? We also have a very large News Forum where you can post anything you feel like (remember the rules though). So, if have some news from the entertainment world, you can tell everyone here.

Furthermore, have you ever wanted to make and run your own website? Maybe you want to create a Showbiz Blog of your own. Well, News Webber has the perfect solution for this. We allow VIP Members to create a website for themselves!

That’s correct, you can also use our reliable servers to make your own news website. As a matter of fact, we supply all the tools you need to create a beautiful website of your own. Not only that but you get a free sub-domain name. Therefore, you can run a personal website like this one or design your own, the choice is yours. Obviously you can use the website for anything, including a fan club. We suggest this since you are at the Showbiz News web page!

To Sum Up

We provide news headlines as soon as they break, just like this Showbiz News Headlines page. However, we have many categories to choose from. Also, we would love you to join in and interact with us regularly. Finally, you can even create a website of your very own. So, as you see, News Webber should become one of your bookmarks right now!

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