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To begin with, News Webber is all about World-Wide news headlines. Obviously we cover all forms of news from politics to sport and from local to international news. With this in mind, this is the breaking news section for all categories.

News Headlines

Of course, this page is the news category links section. In other words, we have a list of news categories on the left which link to the news headlines. Therefore, choose the category you need and click that link. Obviously a new page will open up so you can check out the news for that particular category.

For example, click on the Health News Headlines button and that takes you to news articles from reliable news sources. Obviously, you then click on the reputable news outlet of your choice. In other words, we take the pain out of searching for relevant news that you are looking for.

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The categories on the left obviously provides you with up to date news headlines in the form of bullet points. This is because news headlines makes the pages load very quickly. Therefore, instead of waiting forever for news pages to open up, you can scour the headlines first. Of course, this way you can skip through those that you don’t have an interest in. So, bookmark News Webber today and call back often.

Post Your Own Articles Or Create Your Own News Website!

News Webber is more than just a news headlines website of course. As a matter of fact there are three other major parts to News Webber. Therefore, we shall explore these options.

News Headlines in brief and current

Firstly, we are a news blog and anyone can post an article. In fact you do not even need to register. So, if you want to expand on a news article that you discover, you can write about that here. Obviously, there are a few guidelines at the bottom of that page to help you write your article.

Secondly, you can create your own website! That’s correct, you can also make your own news website. So, whether you want to create a website for local news or international news etc., we can help you. Obviously, we supply all the tools you need with a domain name and reliable unlimited bandwidth. So, your website will always be online. To take up this offer, click here.

Thirdly, we have an interactive News Forum which you can join here. Obviously, we prefer you to make larger posts here in the News Webber Blog. However, you may use the News Forum for anything you like. In fact, many of our members prefer the forum and post there regularly with today’s news headlines and current affairs.

To Sum Up

Now that you understand a little more about News Webber, why not join in? Obviously, we bring you current news and categorise them for your convenience. Then we allow proper social interaction in the News Forum and News Webber Blog. Finally, you have the ability to start your own news blog where you have complete control. So, what are you waiting for?

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News articles – hot off the press!


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