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Privacy Policy

Of course, this forum includes all board notices that affect the smooth running of the News Webber Forum. Obviously, we tell you of the important matters as soon as possible, please check regularly.
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Privacy Policy

Post by Rob » Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:56 pm

Privacy Policy

The following is a summary of our privacy policy here at News Webber and the Universal Headlines.
If you need to read our full privacy policy, click here.

The News Webber Forum and associated blogs treat your privacy with the utmost respect.
Any information you supply to us will stay with us.
We will never share your details with anyone unless forced to do so by the law.


Cookies are small pieces of codes that your PC will usually accept in order to communicate with the News Webber Network. You can decline cookies from your browser but by doing this you may find the site cannot talk to your PC very well and you may not benefit fully from the site.

Like most other websites, the News Webber site needs to communicate with your PC. This happens to allow you to get the best out of the website to make it a more pleasurable experience. For instance, our site will attempt to find out what language you use and what browser you use etc. As you can see, this information will help the site adjust to your situation.
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