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Rules and Guidelines

Of course, this forum includes all board notices that affect the smooth running of the News Webber Forum. Obviously, we tell you of the important matters as soon as possible, please check regularly.
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Rules and Guidelines

Post by Rob » Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:42 pm

Rules and Guidelines of The News Webber Forum - New Location.

Firstly, here at the Universal Headlines at The News Webber Network, we have a few rules to keep the message boards in check.
However, there are not many as we rely more on a little common sense than anything else.
In brief, stay within the law and be respectful to others.

Obviously, since we are a news website, we really need to concentrate on that more than anything else.
For example, we do not allow porn here.
Indeed, no links to porn either.

The rules of the forum have since moved and now have their own page rather that use a forum post.
So, we respectfully request that all users read the rules first before they join in.
To repeat, there are not many rules and are simple to remember.
Indeed, we prefer to say these are guidelines rather than rules.

Finally, here is a link to the new forum rules page.
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