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Create A Blog

News Webber is a platform for people who have an interest in the news. Indeed, we allow anyone to submit a news article that concern them most. Also, people are allowed to make a comment on your posts. However, there are people who would like more control or have more creativity and need something more stimulating. See below for how to be your own webmaster.

Therefore, News Webber has a solution – create a blog of your own. Moreover, you can also create your own news forum too. Obviously, we have a News Forum as well in which to spread the news. Of course, it is a public forum where people can post and comment on news articles there too.

How To Create Your Own News Website

Here we will explain how to be your own webmaster. In order to create your own website here you need to become a VIP member. In other words, you show your commitment while helping with the running costs of the news network. To clarify, VIP Membership is only available to those that donate and subscribe to the News Webber Network.

Generally speaking, after you become a VIP Member, you become your own webmaster. Not only will you control your own news blog but you can be as creative as you like. However, you must be responsible and stay legal at all times. This is because being a webmaster requires a that you have a degree of common sense.

The Benefits

Once you sign up as a VIP Member, you gain access to the world of blogging. Indeed, you take control of a WordPress website on the News Webber Network with many inbuilt tools and themes. Obviously, there are no hosting costs to you as we provide this for you. Also, we take care of the back end security too. So, your website could be a clone of this one or with a bit creativity, totally different. Indeed, you can also create your own forum within your site too.

Your Website, Your Domain

Of course, you want independence and a free hand and that’s exactly what you get when you sign up. The domain you choose also goes before the News Webber name. For example, say you chose to call your website ‘All Mine‘, then your domain becomes In effect, you can choose whatever name you like to slot on before So, this becomes part of the creativity too. Obviously, you are able to include your own adverts on your website if you so choose.

Become A VIP Member Now

In brief, it is easy to become a VIP Member at the News Webber Network. Just click the subscribe button below and sign up. At the present time, the VIP rate is £19.99 sterling (use a converter to find the rate for your currency). We only allow Paypal subscriptions, however, this is a safe and convenient way to register your VIP Membership.

Level Price  
VIP Member £19.99 per Year. Select

Once you become a VIP Member, click the link below to register your news blog and start blogging.

VIP Members - Create Your Blog

Finally, enjoy your stay at News Webber and we hope you come back often to contribute.

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