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You can also be creative here at News Webber

Be Creative

The News Webber Network is all about the news headlines. However, we allow our members or visitors to be creative too. For example you can write a news article online. But you can also create and design your own blog or even join the Universal Headlines Forum. So, click the appropriate link below:

Submit A Post – as long as its newsworthy.
Create A Blog – for complete personal control.
Join The News Forum – chat rooms for all.

Get On Board

In order to be creative here at News Webber, just be yourself. Indeed, we are all different and have differing points of view. With this in mind, the News Webber Network allows you express yourself. However, please remember that we are a news platform where we discuss news articles of the day. In effect, as long as you have a healthy interest in the news, you are welcome here. So, click one of the links above and express yourself while spreading the news.

Universal Headlines

Indeed, your news is our news, even if it hasn’t become international. What might be important to one person, might not be important to others. So, if you think the news in your area is important enough to share globally, share it here first. Obviously, once you post it here, then we can all read it.

In essence, this is how news stories go viral. Your local issues making an appearance here can draw attention of the mass media. Therefore, be creative and join in with the News Webber Network.


Obviously, you can submit articles on News Webber without becoming a member. Indeed, you can even comment on any news articles too without joining. However, we have different sorts of memberships available to suit your needs. Indeed, you can check the benefits of each one on the Membership Page. Just to point out again that membership is not a requirement to post news articles. Finally, bookmark our Home Page and call back often.

Be creative blog - express yourself - bright ideas go viral

Being creative is good for you

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