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To begin with, News Webber allows anyone from around the globe to submit a news article. Indeed, you do not even have to be a member. Obviously should you do this, please ensure you do not copy and paste. In other words, find a news item that concerns you and use your own words to expand things. In effect, acceptable articles could be local, national or international news.

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Indeed, as we see, News Webber allows social interaction with other people around the world. We have the News Blog together with the News Headlines Forum to share our concerns of the day. However, some people prefer a little more flexibility in which to express themselves. With this in mind, we also allow people to create their own blog to do as they please. So, click the link here to find out more.

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Many people love to discuss the news, indeed this is why News Webber exists. In fact, we have many ways in which you can comment on news articles that affect us all. Currently, you are at the News Webber Blog, but we also have a News Forum too. Obviously it is a public forum for all. So, pop over to the chat rooms now and have your say. Indeed, we encourage members to post regularly.

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News Webber is all about what is happening around the world but is also a social website for all. Obviously, as well as news headlines, we allow the exchange of ideas and opinions from everyone. From time to time we also post information that concerns the running of the website. For example, here we have a contact form and the 'about us' page as well as our privacy policy etc.
Firstly, the News Webber Blog and Universal Headlines Forum is a platform for everyone to join in. Obviously, with the advent of the internet, the world shrank a little bit more. Indeed, this means we all got closer and can communicate instantly. So, with the News Webber platform, we can all interact together on matters that concern us most. You can post a news article, comment on posts, join the News Forum or indeed create your own news blog. With this in mind, bookmark this Home Page and call back often to interact with other like-minded people.
Finally, a disclaimer: News Webber is a public platform for anyone and everyone to post news articles. Indeed, we encourage people to post items that concern them most. Obviously, any views or opinions you see on this website are not necessarily representative of any staff here. Of course, we try and moderate the website but can't possibly monitor everything. However, we advise people to post with respect, in good faith and legally. With this in mind, News Webber can't possibly take responsibility for the actions of others.